Selected Articles by Debra Utacia Krol

How Saving Southern California’s Steelhead Trout Could Also Help the State’s Watersheds

A coalition of public and private entities hopes to revive both fish and water supplies in a hotter, drier climate. 

Massive Backlash After Aloha Poke Co. Tells Shops, ‘Use of Aloha must cease.'

Courtesy Indian Country Today

Native Hawaiians cry foul after Chicago firm lays claim to word "Aloha"

Native American Tribes Are Rebuilding Their Local Economies for a Better Quality of Life

Yocha Dehe's agricultural products

Native communities look to economic development to sustain their citizens for the future.

Rebecca Roanhorse is Indigenizing the Future of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse

Rebecca Roanhorse is on a roll after winning the Nebula Award for a short story and releasing a new SF book

Why Are the Hopi Suing to Save a Power Plant?

Navajo Generating Station. (Photo: Bill Morrow/Flickr)

The Hopi Tribe, desperate to save its economy, sues CAP to forstall the closure of the Navajo Generating Station. Some Hopis oppose the suit. 

Native Hawaiians Restore Centuries-Old Fish 'Refrigerators'

Native Hawaiians are reclaiming a major part of their food chain by restoring its traditional aquaculture loko i’a